Men and Hair

What do men think about hair? Hair is not only important to women but also to men. Most men like to have their full head. Who would not like well-groomed hair?


Hair is a Man’s Accessory

Replace man with the word “person” if you like. Hair is a natural accessory that one can experiment with. The sheer fact that it can be combed is enough.

Hair is Your Crowning Glory

There is also the alternative: “Hair is your crown and glory.” Either way, a guy’s hair is a guy’s mirror to the outside world. It is a great part of humans which can be used for expressing self-identity, and personal image.

A good haircut can give one confidence and happiness.

Most men like to take care of their hair simply because of this.


Body hair, and thick scalp hair are often associated with masculinity. Surveys demonstrate that most men feel more “manly” when they have their full head of hair. If born with an abundance of hair, men feel lucky, and they naturally tend to think that their hair gives them strength, they feel attractive and young, smart and successful. It is funny how we view ourselves, and base our personal image on our looks but on the other side, it is good to be happy about most things about ourselves.

What do women want?

Hair in men is perhaps as significant to women as it is to men. It is not right to talk for all women and all men, however, there seems to be a tendency in men to have hair restoration. According to research, it is one of the most common “cosmetic” procedures. Men want to feel attractive by getting their hair back, and some women find men with scalp hair more attractive. Others also have a preference for men with body hair. This totally depends on the person. If you are a balding man, you might embrace your thinning hair, and enjoy baldness which is totally understandable.

Most women and men lose some of their hair if not most of it, as they age. Therefore, we associate hair loss with age and aging. It is best to address how significant your hair is for you, and look after it as good as you can.


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