Masters of Hair Transplant: Turkey’s Leading Position

When it comes to hair, real change is possible. Hair loss, particularly male pattern baldness, is a common problem. Millions of men around the globe suffer from hereditary balding, and seek solutions to get their full head back.

The global hair industry is a billion dollar one from hair care to hair transplant. Hair transplant surgery is currently the best and only permanent solution available for male pattern baldness, and some cases of female pattern baldness. Certain destinations are more popular among hair transplant patients, and Turkey is one of the top destinations for those who desire top-notch quality, and good value in hair transplants. This might come as a surprise considering the current political turmoil and the devastating terrorist attacks, and yet Turkey does not cease to be a major destination for hair transplant patients. On the contrary, it does not seem that the country will lose its position in the hair transplant industry.

What is Turkey’s secret behind being a leading country, and a major destination of its $1 billion business? One word answer: Skill. With over 200 hair transplant operations carried out daily, hundreds of clinics all around Turkey, and particularly in Istanbul, Turkey is a pioneer in hair transplants thanks to its masters of hair transplant made up of skillful surgeons, and their experienced medical teams.

Hair transplant is a straightforward medical procedure that involves the harvesting of hair follicles from the back of the patient’s scalp, and the transplanting of these into the recipient site. The operation can take between 6-10 hours, and requires skill and teamwork. Turkey benefits from the cheaper costs of labor and rents – the hair transplant surgery is quite cheap in Turkey compared to its counterparts in Europe, and in the US. Being only a few hours from Europe and the Gulf countries, offering affordable prices for efficient treatments, and being home to several touristic attractions, it is not surprising that Turkey is an ascending figure in medical tourism. The highly-trained hair specialists offer high-quality care at a good price.


Another reason for Turkey ranking highly in hair transplant, is the convenience of the whole procedure from booking to accommodation, and from transportation to sightseeing opportunities for hair transplant patients. HairWiki is an institution that guides hair transplant patients all the way through. HairWiki’s hair transplant surgeons, medical teams, and staff have a high level of expertise in the field.

HairWiki also functions as an online database; an ever-growing library about hair and hair transplants. It provides hair transplant patients and those interested in hair with the latest information. You can find everything about hair on the HairWiki website. It is an invaluable source with expert videos, blog, articles, and more.

The masters of hair restoration in Turkey are particularly experienced in hair transplantation. They are accredited, licensed and authorized to perform hair transplant operations, and the clinics satisfy all the requirements to carry out medical surgeries. HairWiki surgeons have mastered the latest techniques, they follow the advancements in hair science, and use cutting-edge equipment. They are known for the highly satisfying, natural looking, and aesthetic results. The service one gets starts when they arrive in Turkey, and does not end until the treatment is over.

Having a hair transplantation in Turkey means teams take care of everything for you; ranging from airport transfers to accommodation. The industry is thriving thanks to the top-notch results, natural hair designs, and the affordability. It is even more relaxing not to have to think about booking the hotel, finding a credible surgeon, or safe transportation. Most patients like to take the opportunity to visit the sights in Istanbul, shop, and travel before leaving for their home country. They often spend at least a few more days in Turkey, combining their annual leave with their treatment, hence the term health tourism. Turkey’s popularity has not yet come to an end.

Despite being a target of the recent terrorist atrocities and civil unrest, because of the inexpensive hair transplants, and the surgeons with great reputation, Turkey is still a desirable place for having a hair transplant. You can easily spot groups of men with head bandages walking around Istanbul, visiting the touristic places, enjoying the ferry, or having a tasty snack in a local café. Some visit Turkey with their families. The health tourism in Turkey is mostly unaffected by the tragedy. Thankfully, most cosmetic clinics are not located in the areas to be avoided as listed by certain European countries. The low cost all-inclusive package includes the comfort of a good hotel, and transportation in comfortable cars. What is going on all around the globe is deeply saddening, and the risk is everywhere, and yet, the number of hair transplant patients visiting Turkey has not stopped even after the recent unfortunate events. Perhaps this can be put down to hair loss patients being determined, and knowing that events can unfold anywhere.


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