What Should You Look Out for in Shampoo? What to Consider Before You Buy Shampoo?

When picking a shampoo, it is best to look out for the pH balance of the shampoo. This is particularly important. If the pH balance of the shampoo under is 5.5, you should not consider purchasing it. If a shampoo produces lots of bubbles, this is not good for the hair, unlike the common misconception. If a shampoo produces lots of bubbles, it means that it contains chemicals that are harmful to the hair.

It is best to pick shampoos that contain natural minerals, particularly, clay, juniper(berry) oil and nettle see oil. The function of a shampoo is to cleanse the hair. When doing so, it should not damage the hair by producing bubbles. The bubbles irritate the scalp, dry the hair, and reduce the oil and moisture balances of the hair. We should choose natural, desalinated shampoos for our hair.


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