Is There a Best Season to Have a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant can be done any time throughout the year – during any season or month. The operation can take place in the morning or in the afternoon, in spring or in winter. This does not make any difference.

The choice of the season or time of the day does not matter in having a fulfilling result – a more successful or easier surgery, the only aspect to take into account here is to divide the day into two sessions because the operations usually take 8 hours.  Either we start in the morning and finish in the late afternoon or start in the afternoon and finish in the evening, and this takes 8 hours. We need our patients to spare the operation 8 hours and in one day the whole hair transplant operation is completed. The seasons or the changes in the temperature does not influence the hair transplant.

First of all, we give local anesthetics to you, you do not have to avoid eating because it is local, and this does not affect the time of the day for the operation to take place.

Secondly, in all seasons we perform this operation, especially during summer. The presence of air conditioners helps you feel no discomfort. After surgery you need to wash your hair every day, and use cold water for washing. This can be easier during the summer months. Hair transplant is a minor surgery that can be performed in all seasons.


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