Is Hair Transplant Permanent? Procedure, Results, and More…

Is hair transplant permanent? As a hair transplant expert I often get this question. I am not a hair loss sufferer (yet), however, whether the hair transplant results are permanent or not would be one of the questions that I would have if I were not well-informed about them (Also, due to the hair black market. Sigh.)

Is hair transplant permanent

Before we answer the question as to whether hair transplantation provide long-lasting results, let us give you more insights on the subject.

So, what is a hair transplant?

You used to enjoy your locks when you looked in the mirror. Your hair looked awesome, and you felt great. You were young and restless. Suddenly, you started to observed hair strands everywhere. Going bald – was it happening to you? It happens to almost EVERYONE!

The most common hair loss we see in men goes by the name male pattern hair loss. This cannot be prevented because it is in your genes. You can take some precautions, and slow down the process but eventually, no matter how healthy you are, your hair falls out.

Here, hair transplant surgery comes to your rescue. How?

Male hair loss is not a new condition. Many scientists have tried to find a cure and treatments for hair loss. There is no cure available at the moment but, luckily, hair science has improved hair transplant operations. Hair transplant is the moving of your own hair from the resistant areas to the balding areas of your scalp or other bald spots on the body. The results are permanent if done correctly?

Why and how can the results be permanent?

This is another good question. Current techniques make the hair transfer possible but this is only one’s existing hair, and own hair. Our hair falls out due to the high levels of male hormone. The top/crown of the scalp, and the front (the hairline) are prone to hair loss. Yet, the hair on our nape remains because genetically it does not have to fall due to the male hormone!

What hair transplant surgeons do is to take some of these hair on our napes, and transfer them on to the balding areas of our scalps. Because the transplanted hair is genetically not prone to loss, it remains on the scalp for our lifetime.

Any tips?

While hair transplant procedure is currently the only permanent solution to hair loss, not everyone is suitable, and not all specialists can perform great hair transplants. The most important thing is to visit a doctor as soon as you notice extreme hair loss, and check with them to see if you can get a hair transplant. The last tip but not least, find a reliable surgeon you can perform your hair transplant so that you can enjoy the permanent results.

May your hair be with you forever.


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