Is Hair Simulation a Good Alternative to Hair Transplant?

Hair simulation is not an alternative to hair transplantation.

There are other treatments we implement for balding and for other hair problems.

Hair mesotherapy, hair PRP, hair stem cell therapy, hair transplantation, or hair transplantation are different procedures for treating different problems.

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that can be performed for thinning on the front of the head, or for balding and hair loss, and if the patient has enough hair on the donor area.

Hair simulation on the other hand is for those you are not suitable for having a hair transplant. It is a medical procedure we implement on patients who do not have enough donor graft, who do not experience excessive hair loss, or who have illnesses that make them not suitable for a hair transplant.

Hair mesotheraphy involves the injection of special cocktails on thinning hair, poor looking, and balding scalp.


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