Is a Full Head Possible After a Hair Transplant?

Is a full head possible after a hair transplant? Yes and no. Depends on what you expect.

A close to full head look is possible after getting your hair transplant. However, the density of our hair is reduced every year – we have the most hair when we are small, then when we are an adult we have thicker hair but we lose some of our hair every year.

It would not be entirely just to expect a full head of hair when we are in our 40s or 50s for instance. It makes more sense to expect a hair transplant result that suits our age. I am saying this because hair transplant surgery abides by the principle that our hair on the back of our head does not fall. Hair transplant surgeons then move our hair from this donor part to the balding parts of our scalp. That means the density of our hair on the back of our scalp will be slightly less than before the surgery but we will get back our hair on the frontal parts of our scalp!

is a full head possible

In most cases, if you have enough donor hair, you get a(n almost) full head. A good hair transplant surgeon designs your new hair in a way that it would match your face. The overall result will be the illusion of a full head. It will be your own and natural hair, and it will grow as the hair on the rest of your scalp. You can brush, comb, and dye it as before.

For the best results, it is a good idea to wait for your hair loss to stop. Obtaining a full head-like hair transplant result is possible. The illusion of density is acquired with enough donor hair, and you can enjoy your natural looking results.


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