In Which Direction Do Hair Follicles Grow and How Are They Oriented?

For the hair transplant result to give a natural look, we pay attention to the direction and the angle at which the hair follicles are transplanted. Yet, these are not the only requisites for a successful hair transplant. Transplanting the hair follicles at the right angle is only a step of the whole process. How we distribute the hair follicles, how often the units of three or five occur, and the skill of the surgeon are very important in a hair transplant.

hair growth direction

We take the direction of the existing hair as a reference for transplanting the hair follicles.  At this stage, this referencing gives us a perfectly natural result. Each person’s hair follicles have different directions. Therefore, the hair designs differ from patient to patient. There is no ready-made solution/design for a hair transplant.


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