How to Stop Dandruff?

To prevent and stop dandruff the choice of shampoo is essential. In the cases of light dandruff, one can use market brand shampoos or shampoos that can be bought in the supermarkets. It is important to identify if your scalp is greasy or not in the case of dandruff, and you should choose your shampoo accordingly.

In the case of light dandruff, shampoos for dandruff that can be obtained in a supermarket are sufficient. In Turkey nowadays, there are many types of shampoos sold in the supermarkets that are nearly medical cosmetic shampoos. If your dandruff does not go away after using these shampoos, you can then go for medical shampoos. If the medical shampoos also do not stop dandruff, then the use of a hair lotion is essential.

Dandruff is more seen in men because of the hair products that they use. We think hair gels and hair grease are responsible for causing dandruff on the scalp.


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