How Often is The Percutan Method Preferred?

The Percutan hair transplantation… Briefly there are special devices that we use for making incisions in hair transplantation. Our instruments are many to name a few: blades, fine needled and right-angled devices, old FUE incision instruments, robotic devices, and the circular incision making Percutan instruments. The choice to determine which one is best for you depends on the doctor.

In the Percutan method circular incisions are made and the hair follicles to adapt area, and the resulting look is natural. Compared to the other pointy, thin needle using transplantations, this looks more natural. Whether to go for the Percutan totally depends on the doctor. Is it better to perform a robotic surgery, use the Percutan method, 45-degree angled blade or other special devices when making the incisions – depends on the experience of the doctor and the patient’s needs for post-surgery.

In the world there are different success rates for his method because hair transplantation is done with hands, and it depends on the skills of the doctor, it up to the doctor to choose the method.


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