How is Stem Cell Hair Therapy Administered?

Stem cell therapy involves the extraction of tiny bits of scalp tissue from the sites with hair using biopsy. It also involves the withdrawal of a little amount of blood from the patient. These samples are then sent to specialized laboratories. These samples are spun in a centrifuge, and the hair follicles (the scalp skin/tissue) and stem cells are separated in the nourishing environment made from the patient’s blood sample, and they are multiplied in special laboratory environments. This process takes a few weeks to complete.

Later, when we obtain enough stem cells, we inject this serum (the solution with the cells) on to the patient’s scalp using microneedles. This procedure is repeated at least three times in sessions which are 3 – 4 weeks apart. The injected stem cells take about six months to set in the tissue and develop. At the end of this process, the patient has new hair on their scalp.


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