How Will My Hairline Be Designed?

The design of the hairline is very important in a hair transplant operation. Every patient has a different face, and the hairline differs in each person. Designing the same hairline will not give the same positive and natural result in everyone.

The patients pay attention to their hair frontline, and yet we do not only consider your forehead and hair frontline but your whole face, and design a natural hairline for you. When we design your hairline, we do it from an aesthetic perspective. We design for achieving a natural result. Your eyebrows, your chin, your face shape all play a role in the design.

When designing your hairline, we need to look at your whole face. Many people with balding problems, often look at their hairline, and think their forehead looks very big after the hair loss. Of course, because of the hair loss, the forehead might look bigger, and this also depends on the person. If having a narrower forehead will change the aesthetic balance of your face, the result will not look natural. Those who look at you can notice that your hairline is not natural after the hair transplant.

Therefore, we do not design your hairline only in reference to your forehead but to your whole face, and even your eyebrows, your face, your nose, and your chin should play an important role in the design. When these are considered, your natural hairline will appear. Your expectations are also important. What kind of look you want, and what kind of hairline you expect, are all important.

Our age does not drop down from 30 to 28. We age, and to have a natural hair transplant result, it is best to have a natural hairline, and this has direct impact on the success of the operation.


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