How to Wash Hair After Hair Transplant Surgery?

The first hair wash can be done three days after your hair transplant. For the 48 and even 72 hours after your hair transplant, you must not touch the transplanted area or itch it. It is normal to that the area feels itchy or you feel some discomfort after your hair transplant. You can ask for support from the clinic where you had your hair transplant operation.

Your first hair wash will make you relaxed. The dirty look will go away after the wash. After the operation, you should obtain the hair care kits that your doctor has recommended. We apply the lotion in this hair care kit to the transplanted area – the recipient area depends on the patient. It can be the frontal part of the hair. This lotion helps in the healing and gives you a refreshing feeling. This lotion that we apply avoids any cracks, and speeds up the healing process. It also helps to clean the area. It stays on your scalp for around half an hour, and later we wash your hair in lukewarm water using a special shampoo. This shampoo is also in the hair care kit given to you after your hair transplant. It is a special shampoo, and cannot be bought at the supermarkets.

For the first three days after your first hair wash, it is best to wash your hair with care. It is delicate. And yet, after one week from your hair transplant operation. But after one week, you do not need to pay much attention when washing your hair. You can wash it in a regular fashion, as you used to before your hair transplant.

Some patients are afraid to touch their hair after the hair transplant operation, and do not wash their hair. They think their transplanted hair will fall out. However, three days after your hair transplant you do not have to refrain from touching your hair. After three days, there is no chance that your hair will come out or fall out. The transplanted hair will have been attached to the recipient tissue, and the healing period has already started.

If your scalp has scabs one week or ten days after your surgery, you can call your clinic and consult with them.


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