The Basics of Hair Transplantation Surgery

Hair transplantation surgery may be an entirely new concept for you. Your physician might have suggested you to have a hair transplantation surgery because perhaps that is the only way your hair can be restored.

Hair transplantation Surgeon

If you are planning to have hair restoration surgery, there are a few terms that you will often hear. Below is some information and terminology:

Hair Graft:

Grafts are live tissues obtained from a patient’s body, and will be transplanted to it. A hair graft is a tissue with hair follicles. The hair graft in a hair transplant is extracted from the donor area, which is often the back of the scalp. Grafts contain units of one or more hair follicles. They also come with the skin, the tissue surrounding the hair follicles.

The number of grafts transplanted in a hair transplantation vary from person to person, method to method, and also depends on the surgeon who performs the surgery.

Hair Density:

It is the number of hair follicles per cm2 of scalp.

Important Information:

  1. Every person is different. Every patient is different. We all have different hair, and hair problems. What works for someone may not work for everyone. Each hair transplant operation is an individual operation on its own.

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  2. Hair transplantation is a medical surgery therefore requires medical technique and skills.

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  3. It is also an art, and requires the grasp of aesthetics.

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  4. The flexibility of the scalp makes the hair transplantation surgery easier. If it is flexible, the doctors can easily harvest the hair follicles. If the scalp is tight, it is difficult to harvest the hair follicles, and close the excision.
  5. Your hair grows in different directions and different angles on your scalp. And this angle and direction is important when transplanting your hair to their recipient site. The right angle and direction give a natural look.

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  6. The density of the donor area is an essential element in hair transplant surgery. The denser the area, the better.
  7. Coarse hair is suitable for hair transplant. It allows for fewer grafts to be used during the transplantation.
  8. Fine hair on the contrary has less covering capability. Requires more grafts.
  9. If you have curly or wavy hair, do not worry. Your hair is very suitable for hair transplant operations because they can cover more scalp area.

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  10. As one might guess, straight hair has a weaker coverage capability. It does not look dense.
  11. If your skin color and hair color are close, you are lucky. Dark hair dark skin, and light hair light skin combinations work very well for hair transplantation because the contrast is low between the skin and hair.

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  12. No matter what, the results depend on the hair transplant team. If they are highly skilled, the resulting look can be natural.

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  13. Your doctor should plan your hair transplant, and design your hair according to your hair loss pattern.
  14. Natural hairline is an individual feature. Your doctor should design your new hairline based on your natural hairline to avoid an artificial look. A natural hairline is key for a natural result in a hair transplant.

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  15. FUE and FUT are two of the most common and advanced methods in hair transplants.

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  16. The donor area is usually the back of the scalp because the hair on this site does not fall. It is genetically not prone to falling.

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  17. Hair transplantation can be performed on most skin marks such as burn marks or scars.

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