Why Go to Turkey for Having My Hair Transplant Surgery?

One of the most important reasons for choosing Turkey to have a hair transplant operation, is the fact that the teams performing the hair transplant surgeries in Turkey, consist of specialists, and these specialists have been performing hair transplantation procedures for many years in.

In the past, there were Turkish patients who went abroad to have their hair transplant surgeries but now many patients come to Turkey to have their hair transplantation because the teams in Turkey use the latest technological instruments and devices. The surgeons who perform the operations have much expertise, and specialization in their fields.

Also, the maximum number of hair follicles are transplanted in the surgeries in Turkey. When compared with the surgeries abroad, it is a high number. Elsewhere, the maximum number of transplanted grafts is 2.000 – 2.500 whereas in Turkey this number can be as much as 5.000 – 6.000 – even 7.000 grafts.

One of the most important reasons to choose Turkey is the skilled specialists.

The second reason is Turkey being a holiday destination: patients choose to have their holidays here. In other words, patients can come to Turkey to have their hair transplant surgeries, and then visit different parts of the country to have their holidays. This means both having their treatment, and getting their hair back, and at the same time having a holiday.

The third reason the price differences between countries. In other countries, these operations are very costly, and they take place in sessions. In Turkey, the prices are more affordable, and often the surgery is completed in one session.

Patients from Arab countries, Russia, the UK, Germany… People from all around the world primarily choose Turkey to have their hair transplantation and Turkey has become a top choice in hair transplantation and hair treatments. It is the number one country.

Turkey is not only successful in hair transplantation operations but also in hair treatments. It is very advanced in both. The teams in Turkey are capable of finding solutions to the patients’ expectations and wishes in a single session. When a patient calls in to tell that they want to have a hair treatment, this is enough to start the process. They can simply tell us when they are flying over, and it is enough for the start – the patients are then met at the airport by a VIP service, and the packages include their accommodation and their hair transplant procedure or the hair treatment. If the patient will stay here for a while after their hair transplant surgery, we wash their hair everyday in our clinics. Later, we have examinations every six months. The patient is picked up at the hair transplantation centers, and transported to their destination (the airport or the bus service).

In other words, when our patients come to Turkey, they are not concerned anymore. They get cost effective prices/affordable prices for their procedures, and get a high-quality service. In the meanwhile, they can enjoy a holiday in Turkey too.


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