Is Hair Transplantation Safe

Is hair transplantation safe? One of the first questions that comes to mind when one considers hair transplant surgery.


Hair transplantation or in other words hair restoration surgery is considered to be a minor medical procedure by medical doctors. Yes, it is a medical surgery, and all surgeries have risks. But so do the medical non-surgical treatments. Some cosmetic treatments also have cons or side effects.

The bottom-line is hair restoration is not a major surgery such as a brain or heart surgery or a kidney transplant. There are a few reasons behind this as well as some details about the procedure:

  1. Hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia therefore the discomfort and pain for the patient are minimized.
  2. It is a local procedure that involves the scalp or the beard, the mustache (facial hair restoration), body hair or burn marks and scars. In all cases the donor site (often the back and sides of the scalp) and the recipient site (the balding area) are local sites.
  3. In a hair transplantation, the procedure is straightforward. The surgeons move the hair follicles with the tissue from the donor site to the recipient site. That is all that is involved – no blood transfusion, no big sutures, or scars.
  4. Hair does not have any major and vital functions.
  5. It is the patient’s own hair follicles that are transplanted, therefore, there is no risk of organ/tissue incompatibility.
  6. If your overall health condition is good, you will most likely have an efficient hair transplant.
  7. Swelling, bruising, and scarring are minimum in a FUE hair transplant.
  8. The recovery is quite fast.
  9. You can return to work and resume everyday life soon after the hair restoration.
  10. The surgery does not require the intake of many medications.
  11. The side effects are often minor.
  12. Hair transplant surgeons in some countries such as Turkey have many years of experience in the field as well as skill, and knowledge. If the operation is performed by a good hair transplant team, the results will be efficient, and permanent.

We do not have any reason to think hair transplantation is not safe. Most operations performed until now have been safe. Make sure your surgeon is reliable, and happy recovery.


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