Is Hair Transplantation A Priority For You

Hair transplantation is a priority for many patients with hair loss. Shedding a lot of hair, and balding can cause excessive stress. If you miss your full head, you might start thinking about getting a hair transplantation.

Is it a priority for you?

  1. The Psychological Aspect: Losing your hair does not impact your overall health because hair does not have many major body/physical functions. However, balding can have a major influence on your psychology. If you find your hair loss devastating and hard to deal with, seek immediate friends. Talk to friends, other hair loss patients, your family, and if you cannot overcome your feeling of loss, see a psychologist.
  1. The Social Aspect: According to research, most people who lose their hair think that they also lose their social status. They also mention that if they had hair, they could have been in more advanced stages in their careers.

hair transplant and career

When it comes to romance, those who are not happy with their bald heads also think hair loss affects their romantic relationships.

  1. The Economic Aspect: From medications to wigs, sprays to hair transplant surgery there are numerous hair treatments available at the moment. Some of these treatments are more expensive in the long term, and hair transplantation can be rather cheaper.

The price of the surgery varies from country to country, surgeon to surgeon. In countries like Turkey hair transplantation is much more affordable than hair transplantation in the US or in Europe. One can often get a hair transplantation for $4000 in Turkey. It is a good investment because the results are permanent, and yet, the choice is yours.

If getting your hair back is a priority for you, the investment is worth it. If it is not a priority, if you enjoy your balding or shaved head, if you are confident with it, then there is no reason to get a hair transplant.

hair transplantation

Ask yourself if you want to accept your balding head, or if you want to see a full head when you look in the mirror. Do you think the society pressurizes you? Your partner? Your friends and family? How important is a young and energetic look or a look associated with glamorous hair in your field of work? How would you feel if you had your hair back? Do these matter to you or not? After making the decision, investing in the hair transplantation is rather a minor step.


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