What Are the Most Common Mistakes in Hair Transplantation?

One of the biggest mistakes in hair transplantation in the last years is that everyone with hair loss are seen as candidates for hair transplant. The assessments prior to hair transplant operations are essential. If the patient has very dense/thick hair, then densification is a mistake because this will end up damaging the patient’s existing hair.

I particularly find the frontal hairline design very important. The frontal hairline design in a hair transplant should be done with great care and skill, and should suit the patient. It should be close to the patient’s natural hairline. Recently, some hair transplant operations result in hairlines that do not have the correct angle, as well as the hair extracted from the sides (or the front) and the back of the scalp. This results in the grass doll look. Not all hair transplant operations result in natural looking results even if the patient gets back their full head. A natural looking and elegant result is the key. This depends on a mutually agreed decision of the doctor and the patient – they should find the common ground between the patient’s expectations and wishes and the doctor’s decision.


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