What Does Hair Transplantation Change

Hair transplantation can lead to so much change in one’s life. It has multiple benefits. It is a medical surgery that has no life threatening risks, and does not cause visible scars. The side effects are minimal, and the surgery is advantageous.

What are the changes one experiences after hair transplantation? What are the advantages of the surgery?

  1. Having your hair back!portrait-character-black-and-white-lofty-tone

It is your choice, having your hair or not having it. A hair transplant surgery is currently the only permanent solution for hair loss.

  1. No major scars or wounds!

If done particularly using the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure, hair transplantation does not leave visible scars. Extraction and incisions mean that there will be tiny scars/scabs on the scalp skin and yet they are very tiny, and are covered by the hair.

The back of the scalp which is often the donor area looks as good as before the surgery.

  1. The resulting look is unnoticeably natural!


If a good team performs your hair transplantation using the latest techniques, you can get a look that is very natural. Most patients remark that even their hairdressers cannot tell the difference. The transplanted hair is your own hair, and when it grows on the balding area, it will look as your previously existing hair.

  1. Not painful!

Hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia, and the patient does not feel any pain during or after the hair transplant surgery.

  1. You can return to work very soon!



Even though resting for a few days to ten days is quite beneficial, if you have a very demanding job, you can return to it the day after your surgery if your surgeon does not see any risks.

  1. Natural looking hairline!

Hair transplant surgery can be used to cover some burn marks or other marks.

When it is a scalp hair transplantation, the hairline is designed to suit your face and hair.

  1. You are your own donor!

You do not need to wait for any donors. Hair transplantation surgery currently uses one’s own hair as the donor area.

  1. Cost effective!


Most clinics do not ask for any consultation fee. The surgery is fairly affordable, and you can invest in it, and get a result that lasts forever.

  1. It is confidence boosting!


This is probably the primary reason behind your hair transplantation: to be self confident once again. It is natural to suffer from low self esteem or a decreased self esteem after experiencing major hair loss. Do not worry, if you are suitable, you can get a hair transplant.

  1. It is life changing!


Based on the current research, we can say that getting a hair transplant surgery entirely changes one’s life. The hair transplant patients report improvement in many areas of their life: they feel young and dynamic. They are happy with the way they look. Those who surround them comment on their new looks.

They feel more confident in their career path. They ask for what they want, and become more responsible.

As long as you want to undergo a hair transplant surgery on your own accord, and a team experienced in performing hair transplant operations does the operation, there are not many risks involved in a hair transplant surgery.

If you are not suitable for the hair transplantation, then your doctor should let you know why, and what your other options are. It is not a major risk involving operation. It is also a good value operation – what is more satisfying than getting your hair back if it negatively affects your life? When one is happy with oneself, with one’s looks, their overall life quality improves because they feel good about themselves.

We hope that you can get your desired looks, and a successful surgery that meets your expectations.


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