Is there a Correlation between the Effectiveness of Hair Transplantation and the Patient’s Age?

The age of the patient does not have a direct impact on hair transplantation. Hair transplantation gives the same effective results in young and middle-aged patients, however, if the hair transplant surgery is performed in older patient, the results will be different as their hair has become thinner with time, and the hair on donor site will be fewer. Therefore, the resulting look will consist of thinner and fewer hair strands. In young and middle-aged patients, the hair on the donor site is healthier, thicker, more in number, and therefore the resulting look is more successful than that in older patients. And yet, it is not correct to say that there is a direct relationship between age and the hair transplantation results.

Because there are patients in older age who have thick and rich too. It is best to let the patient know of their donor site, and the possible resulting look after the medical assessment. The doctors should tell their patients if their hair has become thinner in time, and that the transplanted hair will look thin too. This is not a common problem in younger, and middle-aged patients though.


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