Is Hair Transplant Worth It

The hair transplant worth is frequently asked topic. Is hair transplant worth it? Worth the money, worth the time, worth the experience? It is worth it. You only need to find a remarkable surgeon.

hair transplant worth

Patients who underwent hair transplant surgery swear by it. Of course, the natural looking results are desirable. A skilled hair transplant team can achieve these. When done by a good team, hair transplant results will be natural, and worth it.

The cost of a hair transplant operation is high in the US, and in European countries even in comparison to the buying power in these countries. The hair transplant teams are small in number, and because of high labor costs, the operation is often performed in sessions.

Hair is found in units of 2-3 hair follicles on our scalp. These are called grafts. The follicular grafts are the units that are transplanted in a hair transplant operation – surgeons tell their patients how many grafts they will transplant in a hair transplant operation. The number of grafts which will be transplanted in a hair transplant depend on the patient, the surgeon, and where the surgeon operates. That is right. It depends on the patient because the thicker and denser the hair on the back of the patient’s scalp, the higher number of follicular grafts extracted.

It depends on the surgeon because they know how their team works. They have a working pace and work schedule. It depends on the country because in certain countries even if the hair transplant teams do a wonderful job, the hair transplant operation costs much less.

Whether hair transplant is worth it also depends on your expectations. If you set realistic expectations, tryst your surgeon, and understand the procedure, it will be better.

Hair transplants are worth the money and the time because:

  1. It is cheaper than other hair loss treatments in the long term.
  2. No need for a donor. The patient’s own hair is transplanted.
  3. No long waiting time for the operation.
  4. It is permanent. The transplanted hair stays for your lifetime.
  5. After the transplant people feel more attractive, and young.
  6. It is safe.
  7. It does not painful.
  8. It is an individual and complete procedure on its own. No need for other procedures.
  9. It boosts your energy levels and confidence because you do not have the feeling of loss anymore.
  10. It looks natural.
  11. Hair transplant operation covers your head evenly.
  12. Does not leave scars. Does not involve stitches.
  13. The recovery time is fast.
  14. You can resume everyday activity after your hair transplant.
  15. You can watch TV or read, eat and visit the bathroom during your hair transplant.
  16. You are conscious during it.
  17. The swelling, bruising, redness, purple scars do not occur.
  18. Usually your whole scalp does not need to be shaved in a FUE hair transplant.
  19. It does not damage the donor area.
  20. The health risks are minimal.
  21. The follow-up care is simple.
  22. It makes a big difference in one’s life.
  23. Most patients are happy with the results.
  24. It has been practiced for many years now. The technique has improved, and science knows more about hair. Therefore, the results are more satisfying.
  25. The new methods are delicate.
  26. Thanks to the internet, it is easier to search for surgeons, book operations, and compare results.

It is money well spent. Though, what to expect is up to you. The procedure is straightforward. The healing is quick – the hair falls out in the beginning, then starts growing back. Usually after one year, you can see the results, and within two years, you get a full head.

Timewise, the operation is worth it because the operation itself takes 6-10 hours, is usually performed in one session, and the recovery is quick, and does not require hospitalization.


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