Hair Transplant Turkey: Costs, Procedure and More…

Hair transplant Turkey – the hair industry is talking about Turkey’s leading position in hair transplantation. It makes sense because Turkey offers competitive prices compared to its counterparts.

Hair Transplant Turkey

The hair transplant surgeons do not achieve this competitive advantage by reducing the elements that affect the quality of the procedure. The low cost is rather due to the low service costs and salaries in Turkey. Turkey has a rare combination: international health standards, accredited hospitals and clinics, worldly-renowned and well-trained health staff, the latest technologies, devices, instruments, and facilities, a good sense for aesthetics when it comes to cosmetic surgeries, and affordable prices.

This is mostly due to a tradition: after the Turkish Republic was founded, the new state gave priority to some industries, and either they have sent their citizens to be trained in the most advanced institutions all over the world, or have welcomed international experts and professors to train their citizens. The health industry was one of the first industries to develop in Turkey, and the whole system has been modernized. Turkey offers both public and private health services to its citizens and foreign nationals.

Private health care can at times be costly but there are several options for the treatments. The private health care in Turkey is still more affordable than receiving some treatments in your home country, and in your own currency. This is particularly the case for European and US nationals.

There are many world-class hair transplant surgeons performing hair transplants in Turkey. You might think that their service charges will be too high but this is not the case.


Another important point is the number of grafts transplanted in one single session. In other countries, smaller number of grafts might be transplanted in one hair transplant session, and they may ask you to come back to get more sessions whereas in Turkey, the surgeons have big teams, and more grafts can be transplanted during your hair transplant. Surgeons cannot perform the operations perfectly if they do not get the help of their teams. Surgery is teamwork, and a good team functions well.

When we say hair transplant Turkey, we often only think of scalp hair transplant but beard, eyebrow, and eyelash hair transplants, scar and burn mark covering hair transplants are also available in Turkey.


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