Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After

One thinks when they look at before and after hair transplant pictures, one can get an idea about the quality of the work involved – simply type “hair transplant Turkey before and after” on Google or your search engine, and hit Enter, and view the results.

The before and after hair transplant pictures and videos do not always guarantee the best results and most reliable services. Though, there is no need to be suspicious about all contents. It requires a bit of research to differentiate between the good and bad when it comes to hair transplant procedures.

The before and after photos:

  • Should be taken under the same light,
  • Should be taken from the same angle and show the same transplanted area in both before and after.

Also, it is best to look at pictures of patients from different age groups, and hair colors and textures.

Checklist for good hair transplant results

The results should have the following elements:

  1. The transplanted hairline should look natural.
  2. In the past, some hair transplant methods (especially FUE) caused unnatural looks – a plugged, doll-like look. Avoid the clinic if the results are like this.
  3. Overall, the hair transplant should suit the patient, and make them look younger and more dynamic.
  4. The angle and direction of the transplanted hair should look natural and be in line with that of the natural – remaining hair of the patient.
  5. There should be no visible scars.
  6. It should be objectively difficult to detect that the patient has undergone hair transplant.
  7. The hair design should suit the patient’s age.

While the before and after hair transplant pictures are helpful, try to get an idea of the overall services of the doctors. Visit their website, give them a call, visit their clinic and watch a hair transplant operation if possible. Feel at ease, and make sure you are happy with your decision.


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