Hair Transplant Surgery: What to Expect and More

If you are looking for information about hair transplant surgery, you have come to the right place. There are currently two main hair transplant techniques available: the FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques.

fue hair transplant surgery

fut hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant surgery is a medical operation during which hairs are extracted and transplanted. Because it is a surgery, it requires medical knowledge, and the patient should be suitable for undergoing it. While it is a great choice to solve hair loss permanently, it is not good for all hair loss patients.

Most hair transplant surgeries are performed using robotic devices that increase the quality of hair transplants while ensuring delicate movements and accuracy. According to a research conducted by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, more than 400,000 hair transplant surgeries have been performed across the globe. This is a very high number, and the numbers have increased over the years. Hair transplant surgeries becoming more popular means what we know about them, and the techniques are increasing too.

A few very important facts about hair transplant surgeries:

  1. They are safe. They are minor surgeries compared to other surgeries, and transplants.
  2. They are more affordable than most cosmetic surgeries.
  3. It involves the transplantation of your own hair.
  4. Hair transplants are not for men only.
  5. Good hair transplants do not look like plugs.

There is a lot of good information about hair transplants but also some misconceptions. Because the costs of hair transplants are higher in European countries, and the US, you might have prejudices about hair transplants performed outside of these countries, and yet, there are several skilled and reliable surgeons in others countries who perform the operation cheaper. This is due to the cost differences between places. You can find out more about hair transplants on our website, access other articles, and read the FAQs. We hope you can find the necessary information regarding the treatment of your hair loss.


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