Hair Transplant Success Rate: Tips & Review

What are the success rates for hair transplants? Hair transplant success rate is sometimes a hard to determine aspect of hair transplant procedures.

Generally, it will not be wrong for us to say that non-smokers get better results. Perhaps it is best to look at some factors to define the success rate of hair transplants.

hair transplant success rate

A hair transplant is successful when:

  • The patient is healthy after the procedure and can resume their everyday life without any complications.
  • There is no major scarring or any other side effects.
  • In the long-run, the hair cycle works as it is supposed to be.
  • Most of the transplanted hair grafts grow back in a year.
  • The final look is natural.
  • The patient is happy with the results.

Let us assume that the patient is healthy and is suitable to get a hair transplant. The remaining factors depend on the hair transplant team. Every clinic and hair transplant doctor have different success rates in hair transplants. The success rates vary because of numerous variables:

  • The skills of the surgeon: By skills we do not only mean their experience in hair transplants but their experience in a certain technique such as the FUE or experience in performing hair transplantation on different hair loss patterns and cases. We also mean the aesthetic capabilities of the doctor. A reliable surgeon considers the patients’ looks and finds the best hair design for every patient.
  • The skills of the team: Whether they work in harmony, and how long they have worked together are important.
  • The facilities and the equipment: The better the equipment, the more comfortable you will feel.

How to find out the success rates of a hair transplant doctor?

If you are looking for affordable hair transplants, try to find the best surgeons. Find out how their former patients feel about their hair transplant results. Pay a visit to the hair transplant clinic if possible. Talk to your doctor before the hair transplant. Sometimes it is good to follow your intuition as well. Your doctor should be someone who has empathy. They should define success by the satisfaction of their patients and not by their profits.



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