Hair Transplant Side Effects

Hair transplant side effects – certainly not a pleasant subject but we should all be well-informed about them. Who wants to experience hair transplant side effects? I guess no one. But do they exist? I mean the side effects? They do and they do not. It depends.

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive medical procedure. Let’s break this down.

hair transplant side effects

  • Hair transplant is a medical surgery.
  • It is a cosmetic surgery.
  • It is a minor cosmetic surgery.
  • It is a minimally invasive and minor cosmetic surgery.


  • Not all hair loss sufferers are suitable to get a hair transplant.
  • Not all surgeons are the same. Some are more skillful. They excel in their work.
  • Not all hair transplant techniques ensure the best results.

The first condition for getting a good hair transplant is to be a good hair transplant candidate. Not to worry though. What does this mean – to be a good candidate for hair transplant? Not all hair loss is permanent, nor suitable for hair transplant. Hair transplant mainly works in male pattern hair loss cases. Most adult men with genetic male pattern hair loss, and in good health can get hair transplants. If you have a mostly healthy life style, if you have found a good hair transplant doctor, and if the facilities, the technique and such are suitable, you can get a natural-looking hair transplant result.

You MIGHT still observe some side effects. All medical procedures carry medical risks, and all of them can cause side effects because medical procedures are treatments that involve amendments on your body, and your body might give some reactions. The side effects depend on the patient as we are all different in terms of genetics and our bodies.

Thankfully, the side effects in an effective hair transplant are rarely observed.

The most commonly experienced side effect. If you get this hair transplant side effect, it is mostly good because it means that the new hair is attaching. The other side effect that can be both worrying and not is hair shedding. If your procedure was done as it was supposed to be, your transplanted hair will shed in the beginning due to the natural hair growth cycle.

Scarring, bleeding, swelling are some of the less common side effects of hair transplants. You will be injected with local anesthesia during the hair transplant, therefore, you should not feel any pain. Some minimal side effects can be natural. But as long as you are healthy, and your doctor is reputable, you should be fine. Most side effects are temporary.

The bottom line is, if your doctor is qualified, hair transplant is a safe procedure, and the only permanent solution to your hair loss.


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