Hair Transplant Safe or Not

Although when one loses their hair, they are psychologically affected by it, the safety of a hair transplant is always the top priority. Whether hair transplant is safe or not can be answered by a simple “It is safe”.

If I were you, I would worry about safety too. We hear news about malpractice almost everyday. All medical procedures and treatments come with some risks and side effects; some more and some less. And all medical procedures and treatments are safe in the hands of the right doctors, and if the patients follow the guidelines well.

There are few factors that increase the risk:

  • Not qualified doctors/surgeons/clinics.
  • Having illnesses that cause risk.
  • Not abiding by the pre and post-operative instructions.

Some hair transplant clinics hold open days where you can meet previous patients. Why not attend such days? Even if a hair transplant surgeon is renowned, always make sure you trust them. Sometimes the best surgeon is one you think is right but of course keep a balance here. What I mean is, at times the most famous clinics can be greedy. Though, a hair transplant surgeon who seems nice does not mean they are qualified, experienced, and talented either. Do your research, and make sure the hair transplant surgeon is ethical. Luckily, most of them are.

Once you find the right surgeon, be open to them about your lifestyle, and your medical history because habits such as smoking and certain medications can have an impact on the results of your hair transplant.

hair transplant safe or not
A succesfull hair transplant result by Hairwiki

I would not worry about pain. You will undergo local anesthesia. I would also not worry about scarring as long as the doctor is skilled, and applies the latest techniques such as FUE where scarring is minimal.

Perhaps not the most assuring thought but when hair transplants go wrong, it is usually the appearance that is not desirable, and your overall health is not affected. The wrong hair transplant practices can be treated by reliable hair transplant surgeons if the patient is suitable.


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