Hair Transplant in Turkey: What to Expect, and More

Those who are indecisive about getting a hair transplant have many questions. Frequently asked questions about hair transplant and hair transplant in Turkey is our topic for today.


Hair Loss

hair loss

Hair loss, particularly male pattern baldness, is a common problem. Millions of men around the globe suffer from hereditary balding, and seek solutions to get their full head back.

Hair loss frequently asked questions.

Hair Transplant

Hair loss can be devastating, and one’s only choice can be considering hair transplant for a permanent treatment.

Hair transplantation surgery may be an entirely new concept for you. Your physician might have suggested you to have a hair transplantation surgery because perhaps that is the only way your hair can be restored.

Having a hair transplant is rather a big decision. A hair transplantation surgery is a minor medical surgery. Even though it is low-risk, one would want to have a safe operation, and be done with it rather than having several operations, and some results would be hard to correct.

The basic of hair transplant surgery.

When to consider hair transplant?

The Top Five Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery for You

hair transplant and self confidence

  1. Boosts Your Self Confidence
  2. Makes You Look Younger
  3. You Hair Will Have a Natural Appearance
  4. It Completes Your Appearance
  5. Your Hair Will Never Fall Out Again

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Hair Transplant in Turkey

hair transplant in turkey

Having a hair transplantation in Turkey means teams take care of everything for you; ranging from airport transfers to accommodation. The industry is thriving thanks to the top-notch results, natural hair designs, and the affordability.

Masters of hair transplant: Turkey’s leading position

Whether Turkey is safe or not is under debate. Turkey attracted 42 million tourists in 2014 but if it is safe to travel in Turkey, and if the country is secure are asked by many.

Is Turkey safe for medical Tourism and Travelling

Why to Have Hair Transplant in Turkey.

1– We can rank the most preferred countries for hair transplants and the prices as follows:

Canada: 7.000 euro – 12.000 euro
USA: 7.000 euro – 11.500 euro
UK: 6.500 euro – 9.500 euro
Austria: 5.000 euro – 9.000 euro
Brazil: 4.000 euro – 8.000 euro
Turkey: 2.000 euro – 3.000 euro

Hair Transplant Prices Compared UK vs US vs Turkey (euro / graft)

  • UK
  • USA
  • Turkey

2 – Turkey is very popular for having hair transplant operations thanks to the affordable prices compared to the other countries, and its experienced and skillful hair specialists who perform high standard hair transplant operations.
3 – In order to have a hair transplant operation in Turkey you do not need to wait for making a booking. There are many professional teams that perform only hair transplant surgeries, and therefore you can get the soonest date for your hair transplant operation.
4– Another reason for Turkey’s popularity in hair transplant operations is the fact that Turkey is great touristic destination.
5 – Hair transplant patients often combine their holidays with their hair transplant operations – they take their annual leave at the timing of their hair transplants, and schedule a holiday and operation at the same time.

Turkish hair transplant surgeons

hair transplant in turkey


  1. Hello, may I see some before and after pictures of procedures? I’m very intrigued to see the level of density you can achieve. Thank-you.

  2. Is Turkey safe for medical travel? I want to have hair transplant in Turkey. Especially in İstanbul. I will appreciate it if you can assit me in this context.

  3. Hello, I have checked your website and thank you for clear and detailed information about whole procedure. May i learn which celebrities had hair transplant in your clinics? And can i see some before and after photos?

    • Hi Hussain,

      Firstly thank you for your interest. According to our companies privacy rules, we can not share our clients information and photos with you. Thank you for your understanding.

      If you can share your hair photos with our consultants via whatsapp or email, we can share detailed information with you and tell you how the results will be for your case.

  4. Hi, this is Amir from Kuwait. Two of my friends had hair transplant at your clinics in Turkey last year. And their results are great. Actually i never thought of hair transplant before, but after seeing their satisfactory results i also want to have hair transplant. I am planning to come to Turkey, Istanbul 3-4 weeks later. I also want to combine with my vacation. Can you share your pricing and package details?

    • Thank you for contacting us. We have sent you an email. Waiting kindly for your reply to be able to assist you.

  5. Hello Guys… Has been 3 months since my hair transplant surgery in your clinics in Istanbul. I wish i met you guys before. I want to thank you all, especially Onur…

  6. My age is 26 and my hair contineus to fall. Shall i wait for hair transplant surgery, or should i have hair transplant now.

    • Hello Edward, Firstly we need to see your hair photos. Please contact us via whatsapp:+905321560260. Our consultants will support you about your inquiries.


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