Hair Transplant in Netherlands: Tips & Review

It is not difficult to find high-profile hair transplant surgeons in Netherlands. Netherlands is a country that furthers the field. Though with a population of 17 million as of 2017, it cannot always meet the hair transplant patients’ needs, and there are waiting lists to get an operation there.

hair transplant in netherlands

When you find an experienced hair transplant surgeon in Netherlands, using the latest and least invasive techniques such as the FUE method, you can get a good hair transplant. You might expect to pay close to 5000 EUR for your hair transplant. Of course, the prices would vary from doctor to doctor, and the number of grafts you need.

There are many direct flights from the Netherlands to Turkey. This is good because Turkey is now a leading country in hair transplants both in number of hair transplants performed and in quality. The Turkish health education has been traditionally very good. The well-trained doctors are often English-speaking and internationally known specialists in their fields, especially in cosmetic surgery. Hair transplant is one such field where the Turkish specialists have built a wonderful reputation. It all started when patients found out that the Turkish doctors are as skilled as their international counterparts, and can perform cost-effective surgeries thanks to the lowers costs in Turkey.

It might therefore be a brilliant idea to get your hair transplant in Turkey. Do some research and compare the prices and the results.

If you want to get your hair transplant in Netherlands:

  1. Do an online search. Make a list of your favorite clinics.
  2. Get in touch with the clinics. Ask them about the free consultation, the costs, and their availability.
  3. If the prices are not for you, if you do not want to wait long, or get more than one hair transplant session to get your hair back, you can start looking for a hair transplant surgeon in Turkey.

Good luck in your search!


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