Hair Transplant in Italy

Hair Transplant in Italy…

Hair Transplant in Italy

To be entirely honest here, Italy is not one of the first countries that come to my mind when talking about hair transplants. Though, I should also be fair: Italy is a wonderful country, and it has many successful hair transplant surgeons.

Rome, Milan, Florence, and Naples… There are hair transplant clinics in the major cities of Italy. More and more surgeons nowadays are performing FUE hair transplants. If you consider getting a hair transplant in Italy, the major concern might be the cost. Italy is becoming more expensive, and hair transplants are no exception.

Italy is a big European country – there are standards that guarantee quality and wages. That means most surgeons will not be able to lower the costs of a hair transplant even if they wanted to. Then one ends up paying 4000 EUR for their hair transplant. No problem if one can afford it but for those who cannot, there are other places to get a world-standard hair transplant.

Turkey is one of them. If you are from Italy, you can enjoy exceptional hair transplant results in Turkey for more affordable prices and feel at home. Combining your hair transplant with a vacation in Turkey is a great idea. The food in Turkey is at times similar to Italian food, and still new and exciting in many other cases. The weather is mild and hot from April to September, and the coasts of Turkey, Marmara, Aegean or the Mediterranean, are wonderful.

Remember the time when Sylvio Berlusconi had his hair transplant? We are not sure where he had it, but the judgment of the results is up to you.

Wherever you decide to get your hair transplant, find a good place to get your hair transplant. They should be able to guide you, tell you at what stage of your hair loss that you should get a hair transplant, and provide natural looking results. You do not need to pay more if your budget is not extremely big. You can try getting a hair transplant in Turkey perhaps, if you find the hair transplant costs in Italy too high.


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