Hair Transplant in Ireland is Not Affordable For All

A friend of mine travels a lot for her job. She is originally from Turkey. A few months ago, she visited us. She took a cab in Dublin, and the cab driver told her that he got his hair transplant in Istanbul a while ago. This did not surprise me because the cost of a hair transplant in Ireland is not affordable for all.

Hundreds of patients from Ireland each year, visit Turkey to get their hair transplant. There are several reasons for that. First of all, the cost. The price of a hair transplantation surgery in Ireland is slightly cheaper than a hair transplant in the UK or in the US. Well, it depends on the clinic, but the average cost is not affordable by many.

In that case, hair loss patients visit Turkey. Many Irish people are familiar with Turkey – and those who are not enjoy their visit there combined with the health tourism. Ask around, I am sure you will find people who got their hair restoration in Turkey. They will give you the best information; about the costs, how the procedure was performed, whether they are happy with the results or not.

If you are asking for quality, you can get the same quality of hair transplants that you get in Ireland in other places, and Turkey is the leading place for hair transplants.

Most and the best hair transplant clinics in Ireland are located in Dublin. Contact them to discuss your options. Some will offer initial free consultation. You can also get your hair transplant in the UK or somewhere else in Europe – even in the States. Though, the prices will be much higher whereas in Turkey the costs are lower, and the service you get is world quality.


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