Hair Transplant in India

If I were a hair loss sufferer already, I would consider looking up hair transplant in India on the web. Just to learn more about the procedure, and the prices in India. I would do that if I had not come across this post, and if I had not known about hair transplants in Turkey.

Hair Transplant in India

Having an internet presence does not guarantee effective hair transplant results. I am not here to badmouth hair transplants in Delhi or overall in India. India is a wonderful country located on a massive land. There are certainly good hair transplant clinics, and successful hair transplant surgeons in India.

But today I will walk you through hair transplant industry in Turkey. Among all the countries in the world, Turkey probably is the most cost-effective one when it comes to plastic surgery and hair transplant procedures. It is a fact that Western medication is advanced. Turkey offers top-quality healthcare for lower costs.

Why? How can this be possible?

It is possible. A friend of mine travels the world for work. A few weeks ago, when she was in Dublin, a cab driver told her that he had his hair transplant surgery in Turkey, and he was happy. She reports such instances to me all the time.


It is in the economics of the matter, first of all. Turkey has a developing economy but Turkish Lira is not powerful compared to many currencies including Euro, US, AUS or CA Dollar, Pound, other European currencies… When we compare the prices of an item or a service, we often think in our own currency or compare the price in US Dollar or Euro. Some international standards shape the price.

You get the point. Turkish hair transplant surgeons do not earn as much as their European and American counterparts. The cost of the hair transplant in a country has to be adjusted to the conditions of that country. Turkey is a cheap place in terms of health and services.

The rents, wages of the personnel, taxes are all lower than in the West. The operational costs, and the wages of the health personnel play a huge role in defining the price of a hair transplant.

What about the quality?

I have lived in many countries and have family and friends all over the world. Saying this from health professionals’ perspective: Turkish health staff receive good education. Most Turkish surgeons, especially who perform operations on international patients, speak English and get training in the top universities in Turkey and in the world. They do not stop there, and they constantly update their knowledge.

They also have many years of experience which allowed them to develop a certain understanding of aesthetics. There are surgeons who know what suits you best, and have performed hair transplants on patients which have the same hair type, skin color, and hair loss pattern as you.

They employ the most advanced methods. The facilities are world-class too.

Touristic value


Turkey is close to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. There are several international flights to Istanbul in a day. It is quite convenient. Also, once you are in Turkey, you do not have to worry about getting bored because if you like nature, it has a lot to offer. If you like cultural activities, and historical sites, Turkey has been home to many civilizations. If you like shopping, Istanbul hosts international brands, and there are many shopping malls. The coasts are amazing. The weather is wonderful from May till October, with many sunny days in-between but also, in winter, going to the skiing resorts is a good idea.

Overall, the cost for tourism is not high. The hair transplant cost is low, all affordable, and the results are natural-looking.

Why not consider Turkey for your hair transplant? It might be a closer destination than many other cheap places, and you will not find the communication, the customs, or the overall lifestyle in Istanbul too alien.


Hair transplant in India? Or hair transplant in Turkey. You decide.


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