Getting Your Hair Transplant in Denmark is Not So Easy

I know, Denmark is a perfect place. I could live there forever if it were a bit warmer. Although getting a hair transplant does not affect my plans of travelling, for those who are losing their hair, Denmark may not be the best place.

hair transplant in Denmark

This is not to say that the Danish hair transplant surgeons are not good. On the contrary, some of the world’s best hair transplant surgeons are located in Denmark. However, this means that the hair restoration costs are very high. Also, the waiting lists for hair transplant surgery are quite busy due to the shortage of hair transplantation experts.

Hair transplantation is a long procedure – not the surgery itself, but due to the nature of hair, the transplanted hair grows back in a year or so after it has been transplanted. That is why many hair loss sufferers visit an expert as soon as their hair starts thinning. Then, the surgeon can tell them when it is best to get a hair transplant. And imagining being on the waiting list. Not so pleasant.

Although Denmark has high standards of health care, you are not stuck with Denmark when it comes to hair transplants. There are other places such as Thailand, Turkey, and India where you can get your hair transplant for cheaper.

Especially, Turkey has been a rising star in hair restoration thanks to its good health industry. Many hair transplant surgeons in Turkey have received training abroad. They operate on thousands of patients every year which allows for more expertise and skill. Hair transplant surgery skills are known to be improved by time. The higher the number of patients a surgeon operates on, the more skilled they are – at least usually.

Turkey is a great country to spend some time particularly from May till October. It is best to do some research, and learn more about the hair transplants in Denmark, then make a decision. Good luck!


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