Milestones in Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant History and Milestones in Hair Transplant


1940s: It is known that the first research on hair transplant was conducted in Japan in the 1940s by Japanese dermatologist Dr. Okuda.

1950s: After Dr. Okuda passed away during the Second World War, the developments in hair transplant did not come to an end. Other scientists to find a cure for hair loss and the 50s saw different methods in hair transplant.

1970s: In 1971, the American dermatologist Dr. Orentreich performed the first modern hair transplants, and he made vast progress in hair transplants.

1980s: Masumi Inaba of Japan was the first to describe the FUE method in 1988, and the 1mm punch system has gradually become important in medicine.

1990s: The discovery of the follicular unit in the beginning of 1990s has been a revolutionary development in hair transplant and the FUT hair transplant has been popular in the ‘90s. This decade has seen much progress in hair transplant.

In 1998, the American dermatologist Dr. Bernstein published scientific articles that talk about the possibility of hair restoration by tissue transplant, and that gives natural results. His work and innovations in hair transplant have been widely recognized all over the world.

2000s: In 2002, the FUE method – the extraction of hair follicles one by one – has been discovered. It was pioneered by Dr. Rassman, and there has been much progress in this method. It is widely accepted and performed both in Turkey and all around the World.

Today: After 2005, the FUE hair transplant has evolved and advanced, and it is still widely performed today.


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