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Are you on the look-out for hair transplant forum? Do you suffer from hair loss yourself?

hair transplant forum

We are aware that excessive hair loss can be a big issue for both women and men, and people of all age groups. When the hair loss starts, one does not know where to look for information, and the internet is often the best source to receive quick information, and perhaps some relief.

However, the internet also contains unreliable and subjective information. We are glad that you have found us today, because we are a reliable hair institution, and our teams consist of specialists, medical doctors, surgeons, and teams. The information you will find on is NOT subjective unless it is stated so.

Hair transplant forums can be very informative and supportive. You can consider HairWiki as a hair transplant forum and library where you can find all the information about hair and hair transplants. Over the years, we have received many questions from our patients, and we have built up a library. The truth about hair loss and hair science can be found on our website and social media profiles: expert articles, expert blogs, infographs, hair advice from the experts, videos, and, so on. We update our website with the newest information regarding hair loss and hair transplants, and it functions like a hair transplant forum.

There are also other hair transplant forums out there. Look for the ones by hair science, hair research institutions to reach correct information such as this one.

Always make sure that the information you read is correct by double checking. Remember that patients may be talking about their individual experience, and it may not apply in your case. It is always best to talk to the hair specialists. Only an expert can diagnose your hair loss, and tell if you are suitable to get a hair transplant or not.


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