Hair Transplant Failure Reasons

There is a risk of failure in all parts of life; particularly in medical surgeries. Statistically, failure is not so common, and less so in hair transplants. Though, it is always good to know why hair transplants may fail? What are the hair transplant failure reasons?

Wrong Choice of Doctor/Clinic:

Not all hair transplant clinics are qualified to perform hair transplant. There is a black market of this. Hair transplants should be performed by trained medical doctors who are qualified.

You should choose an experienced and skilled hair transplant surgeon.

Problems with Grafts:

This still has to do with the technicians and the hair transplant surgeons. The hair transplant team should always make sure that the grafts are alive and of good quality. They should store them well, avoid drying, and place them at the right angle and place. They should also acquire the required number of grafts to transplant.

Underlying Conditions and Systemic Illnesses:

Some autoimmune diseases such as alopecia areata is not suitable for hair transplant. Some scalp deformities and blood illnesses can also cause hair transplant failure.

The main reason for hair transplants going wrong is surgical errors. Malpractice involves false promises about the number and quality of grafts, false statements about expertise, and failure to achieve quality and success.

In experienced hands, risks of failure are almost equal to zero. The loss of up to 5% of the grafts is natural. Only this much of the success is dependent on luck. Hair transplant failure reasons are not due to the patient themselves. It is a good idea to have realistic expectations, however, a reliable hair transplant surgeon will explain everything in detail, including what to expect according your overall health, and the condition of your scalp and hair.

Good hair transplant surgeons have good teams of experts and technicians who can help them. A good size of hair transplant team means that, more grafts can be extracted and transplanted without losing them.

It is not recommended to have a hair transplant when you are still young as your hair loss will continue for a while. If you find the right surgeon, they will make the necessary assessments, they will not value money over your health and quality, and perform a great hair transplant.


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