Do I Qualify for Hair Transplant? Am I an Eligible Candidate?

am i a candidate

Not everyone who is experiencing hair loss is a good candidate for hair transplant operation. Always set realistic expectations, and learn about your hair loss. Your pattern, your hair loss type, your hair type, your overall health, your donor area, and any underlying conditions all play an important role in your hair transplant surgery. They also determine if you are the right candidate or not.

Being a good candidate often means good results. You need to make sure that your hair loss is progressing, and no other option is available to treat it. In other words, a hair transplant surgery should be your last option.

During a hair transplant surgery, your hair on the back of your head and the sides become the donor area. If the hair on the donor site is dense, then it is better for the surgery. Not all hair loss patterns are suitable for transplantation. The hair follicles on your donor area are limited. Most men with male pattern baldness are candidates for hair transplant operation whereas women with diffuse hair loss often are not.

Having several surgeries to cover your balding areas is not a good solution. These small surgeries can cause shock loss if you still have a significant amount of existing hair. Most good candidates have lost most of their hair on the top of their scalp, and just have hair on the sides and the back of their head. A good surgeon would keep in mind your potential loss and progression while performing the hair transplant.

If you are one of the following you belong to the best candidates group for hair transplant operation:

  1. If you are a man who has been losing his hair for longer than five years. (Male pattern baldness)
  2. If you are a male whose hair loss is Norwood class 3 and above. (Male pattern baldness)
  3. If you are a male patient who has been taking hair loss medications to stop the progression of your balding, and it has progressed.
  4. If you are a man whose hair loss pattern has stabilized.
  5. If you are a man or a woman who has lost their hair because of burns or trauma.
  6. If you are a man or woman who has lost their hair because of face-lift like cosmetic procedures.

Consult with your doctor if you set a good candidate for hair transplant surgery. Talk about your other options, and know what to expect.


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