Hair Transplant Before and After: What to Expect and More

If you are concerned about the hair transplant before and after, you have come to the right place. How does it feel like after a hair transplant? How did you feel before it?

You might be aware that hair transplant surgery is the only permanent cure to hair loss that is currently available. If you suffer from male pattern hair loss (medical name androgenetic or androgenic alopecia, and the abbreviation MPHL is often used too), you might qualify for a hair transplant. If you have enough hair on your donor area (the back and the sides of your head), and your pattern of hair loss has progressed, you are quite likely to be suitable to get a hair transplant operation. You naturally must be wondering how it will all turn out.

Before the Hair Transplant

hair transplant before and after

If you have decided to get one, it means that you are/were not happy with your balding scalp. Most people are not. Some people eventually accept their balding scalp, and embrace their new looks. It is natural to accept or dislike it. Both looks have their advantages, and the choice to remain bald or get a hair transplant is a personal one.

When it comes to a cosmetic surgery (hair transplant is a minor medical and cosmetic surgery, and is also a transplant), you can find many before and after pictures. These are essential to finding out how a certain procedure will turn out.

It is essential to learn about hair transplant procedures before actually having one. Also, make sure that you want to get a hair transplant. Your surgeon will take the pictures of your scalp before the operation. You can also take pictures of yourself under different lights to compare. Your surgeon will give you some guidelines to follow before the hair transplant such as quitting smoking or smoking as little as possible as smoking has a bad effect on the blow flow, and the overall health, affecting the results of the hair transplant.

After the Hair Transplant

What should you expect after your hair transplant? Hair transplant before and after – we all wonder. It is not rocket science though. Hair transplants have been performed all around the globe for many years now. The outcomes, any possible incorrect procedures, side effects are mostly known to medicine.


After the hair transplant, the result you will see depends on your hair loss and your surgeon.

It depends on your hair loss because if you do not have enough hair follicles on the back of your scalp, the result will not look so much like a thick haired scalp. In that case, a reliable surgeon lets you know of the situation before your hair transplant.

It depends on the surgeon because skilled surgeons perform correct hair transplants. Our hair naturally grows in certain angles and directions. A good surgeon will make the incisions and extract the hair follicles at the right angle, and also transplant them in the right direction and angle. Each hair follicle has a different angle.

Each hair transplant patient is different too. A reliable surgeon will take into account your face and head shape, your natural hairline and hair type, and your skin and hair color while performing your hair transplant.

After the operation, they will give you some guidelines – things to stay away from, special care instructions and so on. You can return to work one day after your surgery, after your follow up examination. As our hair grows in cycles, expect temporary shedding of the transplanted hair follicles. They will all fall out, and most of them will grow back in time. You can expect to see a full head within a year, and a better result in two years.

The latest Technologies make natural looking results possible. As long as you find the right surgeon, and talk about your hair loss in a realistic way, you can expect unnoticeably natural looking results after your hair transplant.

Hair transplant before and after – have you any questions, search on our website, and consult with your doctor.

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