Hair Transplants Make Men Attractive

As a hair loss victim do you ever wonder if hair transplants make men attractive, and look (objectively) better? Hair transplants can make men attractive and look better, or rarely cause unwanted looks. There are women and men who look wonderful when bald. Permanent hair loss is a universal and unisex problem unlike the popular belief. Though, hair loss is more common in men than women, and it is often permanent.

It is sad to lose your hair. I would be sad if mine were gone forever! Then what to do? There are two simple approaches: accepting your bald head, or changing your looks. There are several remedies and treatments for hair loss depending on the type.

permanent natural result after hair transplant

Hair transplant is the top treatment here because it provides permanent results for permanent hair loss. Therefore, if you are a bald/balding man, you can get a hair transplant. You may have your reasons for not getting a hair transplant such as the budget (which is not always a problem thanks to the affordable operations in Turkey and other places), fear, preference, being very young for hair transplant, and so on. But you can afford it and can get it, should you expect a better you in the mirror? The answer is “Yes”. As in all other medical treatments, there are some risks of failure but the risk of failure in hair transplants is very low.

Also, research shows that hair transplants make men look better – objectively, and relatively. Relatively, because some people prefer bald heads. They might like their bald look, their romantic partners and friends might prefer their smooth scalp (see Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis, to name a few) Otherwise, if the hair transplant is carried out by a reliable surgeon, your results will be objectively good – women like men with hair, and you will like the new you.


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