Hair Techniques

There are many hair techniques out there from perm to bob haircuts, from hair lightening to Brazilian blow out.

Hair Techniques

Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Hair Coloring:

We are all born with a certain hair color. It might change over time due to hormones, and later with age. Most of us like to alter our hair color at some point in our lives: mostly because it is graying but sometimes simply because we want to try out different colors.

Hair coloring is a cosmetic hair technique. The hair dyed using chemical compounds.

Often, the whole hair is dyed using the chemical or herbal (like henna) hair dyes but also there are other techniques as:

  1. Highlights: sections of hair are lightened.
  2. Lowlights: sections of hair are darkened.
  3. Ombré: hair is darker on the crown but is gradually tinted and is lighter towards the ends.
  4. Balayage: is a freehand technique for coloring hair without using any foils.
  5. Bleaching: lightening of the hair if too dark before applying a very light color.

There are also foil wrapping, cap coloring, permanent hair dyes, semi-permanent hair dyes, tip dyeing, root coloring, block coloring, demi-permanent hair dyes, temporary hair dyes (different from semi-permanent hair dyes), chunking, and frosting.

  1. Hair Styling:

Hairdos, haircuts are the basic hair styling techniques. There are also other techniques:

  1. Perm: perm is a permanent wave that is used on a naturally straight or wavy hair. It is a chemical process.
  2. Hair straightening: the flattening of the hair. Some techniques are the Brazilian hair blow out, Japanese hair straightening, hot comb, hair iron, chemical hair straightening, blowdrying, hair rolling, and hair straightening brushes.

The hair industry is always on the lookout for new hair techniques: gels, spray, shampoos, conditioners, and other products are also designed to temporarily change hair type, and style.


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