Hair Restoration Surgeries

Hair restoration or hair transplant surgeries are permanent solutions for hair loss if the patient is suitable to have a hair transplant surgery.

Two surgical lamps in operation room. Blue cast light represent purity and clinical mood. Useful file for your hospital brochure, medical article and other purpose.

Hair transplantation or hair transplant operation is a surgical method where the hair follicles on the donor site are extracted and transplanted to the recipient site. It is often efficient in male pattern baldness. Hair transplantation can be performed on the scalp, eyebrows, beard, eyelashes, pubic and chest hair.

If you are planning to have a hair transplant surgery, it is best to do your research, and be aware of the possible pitfalls, and processes. Hair transplant surgery is a medical surgery that requires expertise and skill. A medical team that has expertise in hair transplant surgeries – meaning they have seen several different hair loss patterns, cases, and patients, and performed the operation on them, a grasp of aesthetics, and medical skills and knowledge are essential in a hair transplant operation.

Make sure your doctor has a grasp of the artistry, and expertise. Always look for clinic, hospitals, and doctors that are qualified and permitted to perform the hair transplant operation. The operation needs to be performed under clinical/hospital, and sanitized conditions.

If possible, see pictures of previous patients, and talk to them for reference.


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