The Basics of Hair Replacement

If you are planning to have hair replacement, you probably hear the word “hairpiece” very often. What is it? A hairpiece is prosthetic that is used to cover the bald areas on your scalp. This is the general term for all types of products that are used for covering the scalp in the case of a hair loss. Toupees, insertion hairpieces, hairpiece, hair system, bead hair system, wigs etc. are all hairpieces.

a brunette hairpiece on a white background

Let us look at a few terms regarding hair replacement:

The Hair Replacement System Base

Hair replacement system base are very crucial for a hair replacement. The base here is the base layer. The hair is attached or injected to the base layer. You can think of it as the foundation of a hair system.

The Hair Replacement System Base Materials

There are mainly two types of bases in a hair replacement system: a lace base or a skin base.

Lace Base

Lace bases are made of mesh fabrics. They create a fine layer of lase at the base of the hair system. They can be made of nylon or polyester. The lace bases look very natural in appearance, though they usually have a short lifespan.

Therefore, its pros are providing a more natural, and unnoticeable hairline, being thinner, and lighter. The cons of lace bases are: they may have a shorter lifespan because of the material, they are delicate, and more expensive. One needs to replace them often.

Skin Base Hair Systems

Some hair systems have their base made of polymer. These polymers can mimic the appearance of skin. Some specialists call these the “poly” hair systems. They are less expensive than the lace/mesh bases, and more durable than them. They are not very breathable, and they can cause discomfort. Their appearance is not as natural as the lace ones.

Full lace bases are very comfortable to wear, and they look very natural but they are not very durable.

The Hair in The Hairpiece

A good hairpiece is one that is customized for you – which matches your hair texture, color, and other features of your hair such as the density, the nature, and so on. There are very good quality hair pieces available which are made of the best quality human hair.

The price of a hairpiece often depends on the quality of human hair used. If excellent quality human hair is used, the hairpiece is more expensive. Some hair systems have moderate quality hair, and sometimes not human hair – artificial and animal hair.

European hair hairpieces are rather expensive or moderately priced. They are often in their natural colors and textures. Asian hair hairpieces are less expensive than those made from European hair. They are strong but if they have gone through chemical processes, they can also break.

If you own a hairpiece, it is best to ask the experts about the care, and follow their instructions, and take your hairpiece to the hair specialists for regular maintenance because they are made of hair, and hair is delicate. It needs care and maintenance and even replacement after some time.

How to Attach Your Hairpiece?

Once you own a hairpiece, it is essential to learn how to care for it, and how to attach it on your scalp. Some hairpieces may cause hair loss especially if they are not breathable, and if you must use adhesive (strong ones) to attach them on your head. Using clips may be less harmful.

Semi-permanently Attached Hairpieces

There are semi-permanently attached hairpieces available. You should not remove them on your own. A hair technician/specialist should remove them once every six weeks or so.

The use of semi-permanent attached hairpieces is not always healthy. The semi-permanent hairpieces are attached to your scalp by adhesives. They are glued on your head.

If you wear such a hairpiece, have it removed or loosened every five days, and clean your scalp.

Temporary Adhesive-Attached Hairpieces

Hair Piece Tape which is a double-sided tape can be the tool to attach your hairpiece. Hair Piece Tape is easy to use, and remove, and reattach. You need to clean your scalp very well after removing it. It is not very suitable to wear when swimming as it will loosen.

Clip Attachment

The toupee metal clips that are very handy when it comes to attaching your hairpiece. They are easy to remove. They are also healthier, and quite secure.

The materials used in the making of a hairpiece directly affect the price of it. Good quality materials have higher prices. It might be a good idea to invest in a good-quality hairpiece.

Talk to an experienced hair technician whose aesthetic vision you trust. View as many products and references as possible. Choose a hairpiece that matches your natural head shape, hair texture, straightness, curl, wave, frizz, density, thickness, color. Also, choose one that fits your lifestyle. For instance, if you exercise a lot, go swimming regularly, if you are a professional sportsman, if you travel a lot, or are in front of people a lot (like in TV or academia) this might have an effect on the best hairpiece for you. Different hairpieces have different pros and cons. Some are easy to wear, some are healthier for you, some are easier to remove and attach. Some will loosen if you sweat a lot when exercising. Some are more durable, and some are less expensive. Some require more maintenance, and some look very natural. Discuss your options with your hairstylist, and try on a few ones if possible.


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