What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy, is a treatment implemented to stop hair loss, improve the quality of the existing hair, and ensure new hair growth. It involves the injection of a special solution which contains oligo elements on to the scalp using very tiny jabs. The procedure takes about five minutes in men, and fifteen minutes in women. It is painless. It has no side effects, no cons, and can be implemented for all types of hair loss.

It is a very effective procedure – in particular – in androgenetic alopecia/male pattern hair loss. It both stops the hair loss and ensures an increase in the quality of the hair. That is to say that after hair mesotherapy, hair that has become thinner due to genetic reasons, that has become dull, become thicker, healthy, and glossy.

It also ensures the growth of new hair by activating the alive but dormant hair follicles in the sites with hair loss.

Hair mesotherapy is very effective in women experience hair loss for various reasons such as anemia, hormonal reasons, problems and stress, or hereditary reasons. Hair mesotherapy is very successful in these types of hair loss in women.

It is also a procedure that can be implemented for the treatment of hair loss in children. It is safe. Children can also experience alopecia areata types of hair loss, and hair mesotherapy helps in treating it, and the regrowth of hair.

Hair mesotherapy has no side effects and does not cause complications, therefore, both to stop the hair loss, and to improve the quality of existing hair, it is very effective and we implement it in such cases.

A special solution is inserted to the scalp using microinjections, and the individual can resume their normal life after hair mesotherapy without any limitations.


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