Get Your Hair Loss Questions Answered Here

There are many frequently asked questions about hair loss. Some of these are answered quite well. There are also unanswered hair loss questions. We all have some questions about our health that we are ashamed to ask. Get your hair loss questions answered here.

hair loss questions answered

It is natural to have questions that sound weird, funny, and explicit. We will try to answer these, and have a laugh together.

  1. Does masturbation cause hair loss?

Did you just snort? There are myths about this. Yes, these are only myths. Fortunately. Seminal fluid contains proteins but masturbation, even excessive masturbating will not deplete your protein levels and cause hair loss. Says who? Says science.

  1. Does having sex increase testosterone levels and lead to balding?

No. Sex and increased levels of testosterone do not make you go bald. What makes you bald is your genes. Male pattern hair loss is a hereditary condition.

  1. When one goes bald, do they lose their body hair too?

Since we are talking about male pattern hair loss here, the answer is no. There are other conditions where the person has no body hair, no eyebrows or eyelashes but in male pattern hair loss the logic is different. One loses their hair on the top of their head, and on the front but not on the back of their scalp, not on the face or on the body.

  1. Does a bald head signify dominance or weakness?

Depends. In some cultures, bald men are considered to be attractive, powerful, and smart, whereas in others (like in India, or in the Middle East) having an abundance of hair is important for a man. There is a misconception about high levels of testosterone causing hair loss. You permanently lose your hair, if your hair follicles are susceptible to hair loss. Otherwise, high levels of testosterone on its own does not cause baldness. Bald men are not weak. They are not sick. And yet, they can choose to undergo hair transplantation, and have a full head again.

There are several other questions that one might refrain from asking in person to a doctor, to an expert, or to a loved one. We attempted to get your hair loss questions answered. Do you have any other questions? We are happy to help.


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