Hair Loss Psychology

There is a thing as hair loss psychology. Our hair does not have many medical functions. That means that if we lose our hair, we do not suffer from any major bodily functions.

If so, what is the fuss about? Wigs, hair transplants, hair sprays – the whole hair industry – what is the point? For most of us, our hair is a big deal, particularly, our scalp hair. We love it! We love to touch it, feel it, comb it, style it, dye it, cut it, feel the warmth of it when it’s windy. We love the way it looks when we face the mirror.

Hair Loss Psychology

If we lose our hair, the psychological effects can be devastating. Without being a superficial person, we can still be worried about our looks. It is part of who we are. And hair loss is a strange subject. You lose the hair you once had. So sad.

Let’s be honest here.

Most of us are worried about our romantic life once we lose our hair. Will our partner still like us? How will we perform in the mating game? Will be still be attractive? Will we still FEEL attractive? In many cases, once the loss starts, we start losing our self-confidence too. We feel less secure about our self-worth.

We think we look older, some people think we look older, and others just like our balding scalp.

Each of us experience hair loss at a different pace, and the way we view it is not the same for all of us either. The most important thing here is to acknowledge our hair loss, and our feelings, and take steps.

Hair loss is a very common human phenomenon. Both women and men, and children, and old people, people from all ethnic backgrounds can experience hair loss. There are various hair loss treatments, and there is a permanent solution. The permanent solution is hair transplant surgery.

Have you started seeing more strands of hair in the sink? Are there balding cases in your family? First, visit a hair specialist. See your options. If your hair loss is bothering you too much and if you are having difficulties in your social life, seek psychological help. It is very likely that once you get treated for your hair loss type, you will feel much better. There is no shame in losing your hair. There is no shame in being bothered about it. It is best to seek a solution and be happy again.


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