Hair Loss Myths Debunked-2

In our post titled ‘Hair Loss Myths Debunked’, we have covered some of the hair loss and hair transplant myths, and tried to provide some explanations for each myth, question, and misconception. Here, we resume out talk about the topic as promised:

  1. Do hair transplants cause problems in the eyes, and in the brain?

Depends. If your surgeon is Dr. Frankenstein, you might have some problems. Just kidding. It does not harm to joke about hair loss every now and then. No. Correctly performed hair transplants do not cause problems in your eyes, in your brain, or anywhere else on your body. Hair transplant is simply the moving of your hair on the back side of your scalp to the balding sides of it. One may observe minor swelling, redness, and slight discomfort due to anesthesia in the first few days but hair transplant has nothing to do with your eyes, eye sight, brain (the surgery does not penetrate that deep into the scalp).

FUE hair transplants are the latest techniques in hair restoration, and surgeons achieve wonderful results with FUE hair transplants.

  1. Will I go bald if my father goes bald?

This is a very common and a good question. Although there is a common knowledge that you inherit your baldness from your mother’s side, her genes, there are many factors/genes that affect your baldness. The hair science has improved immensely, and has the answer to many questions about hair loss but some things remain a mystery. If your father is bald, you might or might not go bald. Though, if you inherit the hair loss-susceptible genes from your mother’s side, and if your father is bald at the same time, you are more likely to go bald. Sorry ☹

  1. Should I entirely shave my head if I am going bald?

It is very sad to see those first patch of hair strands, but you are not likely to lose your hair immediately. Male pattern hair loss is more aggressive for a few years. You might want to try out some new hair styles with your new hair. Then gradually keep it shorter and shave the whole scalp to have a clean look. Then, once you are suitable to get a hair transplant, you can grow your hair! Isn’t it amazing?

We will keep debunking hair loss myths. See you in Hair Loss Myths Debunked version 3.


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