Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women, unlike the common misconception, is frequent. Most of us often think male hair loss, when we hear the words hair and loss together. Hair loss is not a male disease. It occurs in many women too.

Woman Holding Comb Looking At Loss Hair

Around 50% of women over 65 experience female pattern baldness. Society often has a poor perception of women who experience hair loss. Those who have female pattern baldness, go through a hard time in their life. The perception of bald men is more natural in the eyes of others.

Hair loss in women has an immense emotional impact. Because balding does not possess a major damage to our health, science sometimes overlooks hair loss. And yet, its effects may be very powerful and serious.

Some women give up exercise, going to the seaside, swimming, dancing, or stop attending social events because of their hair loss. They do not want others to find out about the balding patches and sites on their scalps. The society sometimes praises bald men, but there is almost no society in the world that has a good view about women losing their hair. Also, most women lose their self-esteem when they start experiencing hair loss. This is very natural and understandable.

Female hair loss is different than male pattern hair loss. This type of hair loss occurs on the top and the crown of the scalp. Hair loss can be devastating for everyone. We think medicine should recognise the importance of hair loss, and people who suffer from it should have more support and better treatment.

Here on this website, we try to ensure the delivery of most accurate and newest information about hair loss, hair transplants, and support for hair loss. We are aware that hair loss is a serious condition, and can affect otherwise healthy individual’s emotional life deeply. We encourage those who have hair problems to seek out medical and psychological advice as soon as they find out about their hair problems. There is no shame in it. Many people experience it, and some do not even seek medical advice. Some hair problems can be prevented and stopped with an early diagnosis. Hair transplantation can be a permanent solution if it suits your problem, and you are suitable to have it. Luckily, there are many advancements in the field, and we understand hair, its functions, and hair loss better.


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