Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss in men is very common. As we age, most of us start losing our hair. In some cases, the loss is significant, in some cases it is not.

Middle aged man

The majority of men’s hair loss cases consist of male pattern baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia. Most men experience some hair loss by they are thirty-five. When they get fifty, the loss might be more. Androgenetic Alopecia often starts before the age of twenty-one.

Losing one’s hair can cause psychological problems in a person. Going bald has an impact on many aspects of our lives from close relationships to professional life.

This website provides you with up to date, scientific, and accurate information about hair loss and its treatments. It provides you with information and guidance about hair and hair loss – and supports you in your journey of your hair treatment.

Your hair is important. Your overall health is important. When it comes to your health and hair, it is always best to research your options. There are currently only two approved products (Approved by the FDA: Food and Drug Administration in the US) that medically prevent or stop hair loss. Finasteride and minoxidil are approved by the FDA.

Another permanent solution can be having a hair transplant surgery. Always look out for the best options for you, seek medical advice, and scientific information.


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