Hair Loss FAQs

Frequently asked questions about hair loss or hair loss faq – faqs – are many. Here are a few hair loss faq, and explanations.

hair loss faq

1Does stress cause hair loss?

The answer is yes and no. It is debatable. There is not enough scientific evidence to show that all types of stress cause hair loss. Rather, extreme stress causes some physiological reactions or sudden physiological reactions cause “stress” in the body, and intervene with hair’s natural growth cycle. Those who are on crash diets, who lose sudden weight, women who recently gave birth, those who had a big surgery can experience extreme hair loss. Most scientists agree that in the case of an extreme emotional stress, it is not the stress that directly causes sudden hair loss but not eating well, changing habits, and so on. We tend to look after ourselves less than before when we are in stress, and having dramatic changes in our lifestyle leads to hair loss. Usually, this type of hair loss is not permanent.

2Who should I blame for my hair loss? My mother or my father?

Neither. The stars. In the beginning of the 2000s, the common belief was that genetic hair loss is due to the mother’s genes. And yet, now the researchers are not entirely sure about that. Genetics is complex and complicated. A major baldness gene is on the X chromosome, so yes, maternal genetics are partially to blame, but a lot of other factors play in hereditary hair loss. If your father is bald, you are more likely to go bald than your neighbor whose father is not bald. If you have other bald relatives, chances are you will go bald too.

Genetics is tricky, and many factors and genes have an impact on one’s body.

3Is diet important in preventing hair loss?

If your hair loss is caused by your genes, diet will not entirely prevent your hair loss, though, keeping a good and balanced diet is essential to good health. If our bodies receive the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, we will be healthy. The same goes for our hair.

4Does shaving the scalp or cutting hair short prevent hair loss?

Shaving the scalp or cutting your hair short does not prevent, or stop hair loss. They do not make your head grow new hair, or allow the lost hair to grow back. Our hair is in different stages on the scalp. Some are growing, some are in the resting phase. If you shed at most 150 hair strands per day, that is normal. If more than that, see a specialist instead of shaving your scalp. They can find the reason for your hair loss.

5Do certain shampoos, hair care products, conditioners cause hair loss?

The hair that we can see is not the living part of hair. The hair follicles inside the scalp are the living parts of hair. The hair care products we use for washing, conditioning, styling our hair cannot reach to the hair follicles, and cannot cause hair loss.

Though, harsh chemicals can alter the structure of the hair strands, and cause dryness, breakage, and brittle, and the hair might fall, but this hair loss is not permanent.

6Do women experience hair loss?

Both men and women, children and older people can experience hair loss. The reasons may vary, and yet, women can also suffer from male pattern hereditary hair loss.

In the female pattern hair loss, the reasons may be different such as hormonal changes or other underlying causes and diseases. It is diffuse type of hair loss, and is seen in all parts of the scalp unlike male pattern hair loss.

7What is the best treatment for hereditary male pattern hair loss?

If the patient is suitable, the most effective, permanent, and best treatment is hair transplant operation.

Do you have any questions about hair loss? Ask us, and we will try to answer as best as we can.


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