Hair loss is every man’s nightmare in our day!

Hair loss is every man’s nightmare in our day. We prepared an infographic to answer the FAQs about hair loss and hair loss treatments.

hair loss and transplant infographic

There are different reasons for hair loss; therefore, it is best to have a medical examination for the diagnosis and identification of the reasons for hair loss. The patient should visit a doctor for an initial assessment.

It is known that hair loss is caused by genetic reasons, and hormonal imbalances as well malnutrition or deficiencies, and stress.

After the specialist physician identifies the reasons for hair loss, they decide on the treatment according to the causes of hair loss. Depending on the type of hair loss, natural treatments, medical treatments, or surgical treatments can be available, and be effective.

Many men who experience hair loss and balding, today, view hair transplantation as the ultimate solution.

The unknowns about hair transplantation surgeries:

unknowns about hair tranplant

The first hair transplantation surgery in human history, was performed by dermatologist Dr. Okuda in the 1940s in Japan.

The FUT procedure was the first procedure used for hair transplantation. With the advancements in technology, and the latest research and progress in the field, the FUE procedure has become more popular. The FUE hair transplant method has been introduced by Masumi Inaba in 1988 in Japan, and has been improved since. It is widely performed and proves to be effective all around the world, and in Turkey.

The very effective results of hair transplant surgeries prove that hair transplantation can be a good solution for patients with hair loss. Thanks to the improved standards in health industry, and the increasing number of hospitals specialized in hair transplantation, the health industry provides the necessary services to the affected patients.

Hair transplantation ensures an aesthetic change that completes one’s look, makes one look younger, and restores self-confidence by providing a good full head.



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